My name is Mark Wright, and I am running for the California Republican Party Vice Chair.

My vision for the Republican Party of California is:

  • Strong County Parties
  • Elect local candidates
  • Register more Republicans
  • Make the California Republican Party Great Again

I want to bring the success of Placer County Republican Party to the rest of the state.

My accomplishments in the last 4 years as Chair of the Placer County Republican Party:

  • The majority on 13 school boards
  • The majority on both the County Board of Education and the College Board
  • The majority on the County Board of Supervisors
  • Flipped 2 City Councils
  • Placer County won the Shawn Steel Parent Revolt school board contest
  • Recruited, vetted and trained over 50 candidates
  • Mentored a neighboring county to become an active committee that successfully ran candidates for office 
  • Built a multi-county coalition to find, vet and train candidates in their counties
  • Worked with 11 other organizations to form an alliance to get our candidates elected. You must think out of the box to make a difference

What I stand for:

  • 2nd amendment 
  • Free Speech
  • Pro Life
  • School choice and parental rights
  • School curriculum that supports family values and patriotism
  • Local control government
  • Secure borders to stop child and drug trafficking
  • Grassroots control of the Republican Party

What I stand against:

  • CRT
  • Affirmative action
  • Sexualizing our Kids

Do you want…  

  • A candidate who has gotten local people elected?
  • A candidate against CRT?
  • A candidate for school choice and parents rights?
  • A candidate against affirmative action?
  • A candidate who works to grow the Republican Party?

If your answer to all those questions is YES, the only clear choice is to elect Mark Wright for Vice Chair of the CRP!

Elect Mark Wright, 

Proven leadership with the courage to stand up and fight for our Republican values.