My name is Mark Wright,

I was born and raised in California.  I have lived in Placer County since 2004. I have been married 38 years, have three children, and three grandsons.  I have been a software engineer for 33 years (including holding Patent # US9928082B1).  I got involved in local politics at the Placer County GOP in 2005.  The positions I have held include being the Treasurer for 1 year, 2nd Vice Chair for 2 years and now the Chair for 4 years.  I have also been on our local Fire Board for 7 years and have spent 25 years involved in leadership in volunteer organizations, including 4-H when my kids were involved and AWANA at our church.  I was raised in blue collar small businesses (including a family owned restaurant and service station repair) and in my professional career have worked at both startups and large companies.

I have been a lifelong Republican.  I am pro-2nd amendment, Pro-Life, Anti-CRT, and want our borders secured to protect our children, stop the drug flow, and protect our nation.

In my first election as Chair we recruited and endorsed 9 school board members, all 9 were elected, and we took over 3 school boards, including replacing a liberal school board member who had been on the board for 38 years.  In my second election as Chair, our Congressman,  State Senator, all of our Assemblymembers and all of our County Supervisors won. We recruited and endorsed City Council and School Board candidates who won or were unopposed with an 84% success rate, positively affecting 15 school districts.  Placer County even won the Shawn Steel Parent Revolt competition for getting School Board Members elected. Placer County became a model for recruiting and helping candidates achieve victory.   Some people say there wasn’t a Red Wave in our nation, but there was definitely a Red Wave in Placer County.

In Placer County, we have built a strong coalition of other volunteer organizations that worked together for the common goal of getting conservative Republicans elected at every local level.  Those organizations included CRA, Moms for Liberty Placer County, Auburn Area Republican Women Federated, South Placer Republican Women Federated, American Council, Student’s First California, Lincoln Hills Republican Club, The Club at Westpark, Conservatives Republicans and Independents (CRI), and the Freedom Coalition.

I am running for CRP Vice Chair because I want to bring the success that we have had in Placer County to all of the County Committees in California.  We need to increase voter registration, school board members, and all other city and county positions and I am prepared to do that.  We need strong and functioning County parties.  My track record includes turning Yuba County into a functioning county that is raising money and successfully ran candidates this election cycle.  They have since helped two neighboring counties grow even stronger as well.  I continue to work with all of our neighboring counties to fundraise and to make our region strong.

Elect Mark Wright, 

Proven leadership with the courage to stand up and fight for our Republican values.